Our Expertise

Reporting Advisors

Greatland’s team of skilled W-2, 1099 and 1095 reporting advisors are the most experienced wage and income reporting advisors – period! In fact, our team employs more than 125 wage and income reporting experts dedicated towards W-2, 1099 and 1095 filing. Even more impressive, the Greatland team has been together a long time, with an average tenure of more than 10.5 years per person! With this kind of experience, it’s safe to say the Greatland team has seen almost every W-2, 1099 and 1095 filing scenario possible. Our dedicated account management team will work with you to find the filing solution that best fit your budget and business needs.

Meet Our Advisors:

More than 120 Years of Wage & Income Reporting Experience

Nate – with Greatland since 2013
Ben – with Greatland since 2006
Kelly – with Greatland since 2007
Pamela – with Greatland since 2006
Jeanne – with Greatland since 1996
Denise – with Greatland since 1997
Rachel – with Greatland since 2005
Nancy – with Greatland since 2007
Steve – with Greatland since 2012
Denise – with Greatland since 2001
Melanie – with Greatland since 2016

Technical Support Specialists

Don’t worry; our team of technical support specialists are available to help guide you through the filing process, with instant answers to your difficult questions. Greatland has one of the most responsive and reliable technical support centers in the industry, further evidence that Greatland’s wage and income reporting products are the best value in the industry.

Our seasoned W-2, 1099 and 1095 experts are available through online chat, email and by phone to help answer tough questions. We triple our support staff during peak filing time to help you in a pinch, providing instant answers to make sure you have everything you need to meet important deadlines. Furthermore, we know how busy January can be. That’s why we have extended evening and weekend hours throughout the busiest filing month!

Meet Our Specialists:

29 Years of Technical Support and Experience

Daniell – with Greatland since 2001
Kevin – with Greatland since 2008
Alex – with Greatland since 2014
Brandon – with Greatland since 2016

 Compliance Experts

Keeping up with the rules, regulations and many confusing details surrounding W-2, 1099 and 1095 filing can be difficult. To that end, Greatland employs a full-time team of compliance experts dedicated towards IRS, SSA and state agency W-2, 1099 & 1095 regulations. This team ensures all Greatland products meet the latest reporting guidelines. Our compliance experts are heavily involved in the wage and income reporting industry, sitting on various regulatory governance boards, including key advisory panels to the IRS. We also work within the accounting industry, providing webinars, video tutorials, news articles and more to help educate CPAs about the latest regulations.

With our compliance experts behind you, you can trust your filings will be accurate and timely this filing season!

Meet Our Experts:

120 Years of Compliance Expertise

Janice – with Greatland since 1988
Nicole – with Greatland since 1998
Sandy – with Greatland since 1988
Deb – with Greatland since 2005
Cathy – with Greatland since 1986